I’m Not Sorry

Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know I haven’t posted since June.  However, in my defense, I have been in the lab working on projects, traveling, launching campaigns, starting new ventures and more.  I haven’t neglected the blog on purpose—promise.

Lately, I’ve been in the process of distancing myself from all things negative (vibes, people,  and thoughts) because you become that which you surround yourself. I’m happy, and I want to keep it that way.  I am so blessed and highly favored, and I owe it to myself and those in my circle to celebrate that.  There is nothing wrong with allowing your light to shine brightly, especially if that light can help lead someone else to where they need to go.  God has given me talents that He expects me to use to make the world better and for the upliftment of His Kingdom.  My life is supposed to shine brightly because of the light of Christ that shines through from within.

There are those who will not thank you for your work.  There are those who will not appreciate your efforts.  There are those who will try to tear down what you have worked hard to build.  And that’s okay.  You can’t get caught up.  I had a realization recently about myself, I need to stop being apologetic for being me.  I’m unique, quirky, but I’m also fiercely loyal to the people in my life.  I stand by the motto, no matter what happens, I refuse to treat people how they treat me.  I will always try to take the high road, smile in the face of adversity, laugh at the randomness of my life whenever possible, and continue to not take myself too seriously.

I’m in a great place emotionally right now.  Love, Laughter and Light prevails.  God told me, don’t be sorry about being happy, being fabulous and yes, even being in the spotlight as long as I put Him first…Point taken Lord.

Side note, it’s October, which means it’s been two years since me and mister have been together as an official couple. Feels good.  Looking forward to more good times with the man who is not only my love but one of my best friends ever.  Enjoy my Friday musical collection, fitting don’t you think?



Am I the only one who is apprehensive about saying: “I’m so happy” for fear that something unimaginable and dreadful will happen?  No?  Just me…figures.

I did something really scary recently.  I released fear and expectations.  I released the fear of the unknown.  Fall 2011 I started to get anxious…biological ticking and all that jazz (and that’s even with me not being 100 percent about wanting kids of my own). I was also slightly depressed about how long it had been since I was in a meaningful, “reciprocal” relationship.  I had been in “relationships…” bad ones, hurtful ones where I gave 150% and was satisfied with a 25% effort in return.  I was giving each boy man all kinds of second chances and benefit of the doubt.  Ridiculous.  Fortunately I woke up and got a clue.  And as a result, I purged.  I released the fear of being alone.  I embraced the blessings that I do have—friends who love me unconditionally.  Great men and women of faith who support me and always have my back…and will share their opinion (sometimes unsolicited) when they think I need to be made aware of something.

Although, I walk through life with a spirit of expectancy (I expect good things, simply put); I’m making a conscious effort, when it comes to relationships, to stop planning ahead and just “enjoy” the moment.  Our lives consist of millions of “moments.” Those moments are what make life special.  Currently, I am enjoying the company of a friend.  He makes me laugh. He gets me (well, he almost gets me, I don’t think he fully understands the extent of my Elmo obsession, but that’s a post for another day). Have we put a label on our relationship?  Nope.  Am I technically still single? Yep.  Are we dating? Depends on your definition.  What I do know is this…I like being in the moment.  I like not having to wonder about the what if’s.  I love knowing that for the first time in a very long time, our feelings are reciprocal.  The give and take is equal.  He cares about me just as much as I care about him.  That feels really good.

So the point of today’s post? I’m happy.  I have no idea what the future holds, but I’m happy…and that’s all that matters in this moment.

Playing Matchmaker…Maybe so!

So, a very good girlfriend of mine and I have both been in the midst of some tumultuous affairs of the heart as of late.  So in an effort to have some fun and start fresh, we have pledged to play matchmaker for each other.  Sound crazy?  Probably, but I’m game for it.  Listen, it makes sense: we sometimes don’t know what is best for us, while our close friends know exactly what we need (and vice versa).  This little social experiment can’t hurt, especially if I am able to get a few good blogs posts out of the deal (anything that will force me to update on a regular basis can be all bad, right?). 

To kick things off, we are each going to make a list of “deal breakers.”  For example, I CAN’T date him if he is under 5’10 (and that’s being generous…I know, I know, you don’t grow as a person by limiting yourself, but c’mon–I’m 5’9 flat footed and I rarely leave the house w/o 4 inch heels on.  So, give a sista a break).  I am going to be very liberal when it comes to race, ethnicity and cultural background (I may even temporary lift my unofficial ban of West Indian men.  However, the ban on men from Nigeria and Ghana remains (I’m referring to 1st Generation only), I don’t care  how fine they may be–yeah, yeah, yeah, let the hate mail begin but IT IS WHAT IT IS.Anyway. 

Wish me luck.  This should be a very interesting experiment.

Tips To Ensure Your Man Does Not Cheat On You

I got this from another blogger…what do you all think…Fact or Fiction? 


Keep him intellectually stimulatedMen are easily bored by women who lack ideas and are not up to speed on the affairs of the day. In order to hold the interest of your man, you must be able to discuss ideas that will expand his knowledge base. Teach him something he does not know, or share your opinion on a subject you know he is passionate about, and you can be sure he will want to have you around for a long time.


Look your best

Beauty and brains attract men like moths to a flame. If you keep him intellectually stimulated, and you also have the body that excites him, you have a powerful magnet that can keep him hooked on you for as long as you wish. Make sure that you do what you must to look good. Do your hair, nails, put on a little makeup, and whatever you do, stay away from layer and layers of makeup. Get clothes that accentuate the best part of you. Do not wear tight-fitting clothes, if you do not have the shapely body to go with it. Know what fits you and wear it.

If you have not enrolled in a gym, you need to do so right away. It is not enough to just eat the right foods and pop diet pills daily. You must eat a balanced diet and enroll in an exercise regimen to help increase your metabolism. Find a workout partner, or sign up for a personal trainer at your gym who can motivate you and design a workout program to fix your problem areas. You will certainly gain good health along with a positive mental attitude. Remember, when you keep fit and look good, you are not doing it just for your man. You are doing it for yourself as well.

Massage his ego once in while

Let your man know how good he is to you and how much you value him in your life. When your man feels that he is adding value to your life, when he feels appreciated, your are massaging his ego. Now you must be careful not to overdo this; otherwise it loses its impact, and your man may see you as a “brown noser”.

Give him his space

Do not monitor how he spends every second of the day. Do not put him on a timer. Treat your man like an adult who has the ability to manage how he wants to spend his time. The more freedom you give him, more trusted he feels. And when your man feels you trust him, he is less apt to go out and cheat on you. Men will run away from you, if you try to cramp their style. If you keep tracking your where your man goes and who he is spending time with, you run the risk of alienating him.

Keep him sexually satisfied

A sexually satisfied man is like a dog that is well fed; you will not find it digging through the garbage. A sexually satisfied man is like an employee that works for a company that gives all employees full medical benefits, a great salary and excellent bonuses. You will not see an employee of such a company looking for a job elsewhere. I have used some analogies to attempt to paint a picture for you, but these scenarios fit the point I am making.

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