Intelligent, Well Read and Woke? Amazing.


I’ve been screaming about my long-time celeb crush, Jesse Williams,  for a minute…Now everybody wants to claim him after his, dare I say, amazing speech during the 2016 BET Awards on Sunday. In case you missed it, you can watch it here.

So how did you feel about Jesse’s speech? Feel free to comment below.

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The List (2015 Edition)

Yes, ladies (and gents, whatever rocks your boat!), it is time for my annual top ten list of my celebrity crushes.  These gentlemen all posses some incredible qualities that transcend looks (well, maybe not all, some I picked based solely on looks…oops.) So, here goes in no particular order:

Channing Tatum

Lord. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with Channing. He’s good looking, yes. But I think it’s because (a) he can dance and (b) we share the same birthday.  Plus he doesn’t come off as a cookie cutter cute hollywood leading actor; he has some swag and spice to him— and that’s attractive. Did I mention that he can dance?

Idris Elba 

This man’s entire aura just screams “fine for no reason.” I love Idris’ acting ability and his general suaveness. And let’s PLEASE make him the next James Bond, he was born for that role.


Jesse Williams 

So, I’ve been enamored with Jesse Williams since his Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants days (don’t question my movie watching habits), but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve been head over heels in celeb crush mode. Yes, he looks amazing, but the sexiest thing about Jesse is his intelligence and commitment to social issues. His ongoing support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement is intoxicating. A man who thinks (and shows such love to his wife) ooo wee, yes Lawd!


Morris Chestnut 

Morris must be a vampire, or have vampire like qualities because I don’t think aging is something he is capable of…and he is continuing to make his presence felt in the entertainment industry well into his forties. I’m loving his character on the new show Rosewood; always a pleasure seeing black men represented positively on mainstream television.


Theo James

Theo is new to the list; I like how he portrayed “Four” in the Divergent series of movies. I’m a sci-fi/fantasy movie kind of girl, so he was fun to watch in the action sequences.


Keanu Reeves

I have no logical reason for my infatuation with Keanu. I just like him. #ThatIsAll


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Muscles. Tall. Million dollar smile. Yup, that about covers it.


Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz is SUCH a rockstar.  Who doesn’t love a true rockstar. Are we sure he’s 51? And yes, we, regrettably, missed the pants ripping incident, but we definitely heard about it, lol.



I have no idea who this model is, but he gets a mention on this list.  Found him  while I was stalking browsing around on Instagram. He has striking good looks (he’s also 6′ tall), and it’s so cool to see more and more Asian male models making the run in editorials and on the runway; hope the streak continues. POC need to be represented in more meaningful ways in the fashion industry than they currently are.

@BasicHomme on Instagram

Denzel Washington 

Y’all can make fun of Uncle Denzel all you want, but he is still fine and has aged impeccably. He’s pretty much a permanent member on my list. His acting skills alone should make him a favorite.  Plus that “je nais se quoi” quality gets me every time. Denzel is the epitome of a “distinguished gentleman.”


So that’s it…all I got for 2015 (check out last year’s list as a comparison)  Who are your favs?  Who would be on your list? Let me know in the comments!

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The List (2014 Edition)

As the loyal followers of this blog know, each year I try to do a list of my most delectable celebrity crushes.  Well, I’ve been slacking in a major way.  I haven’t done “The List” since 2011 and that’s so unacceptable.  So here you go ladies–my top drool worthy celebs.  Lots of names you will recognize plus a few surprises.  What are your thoughts?  Tell me what you think of my list.  Enjoy!

In no particular order:

President Barack Obama

Our President not only exemplifies style and class, but his confidence is off the meters.  What I admire most about the Prez is that he is over the top enamored and totally in love with his wife.  The public adoration of First Lady Michelle Obama is in itself the sexiest thing about Barack, and that million dollar smile doesn’t hurt either.


Channing Tatum

Maybe it’s because I like men who can dance (y’all saw that scene in Magic Mike, right?), or maybe it’s because we share the same birthday (April 26), but there is something about Channing Tatum that keeps me coming back.  I’ve seen all his movies (good, bad and corny) and I just think he’s cool—and quite good looking.



Michael Ealy

Eyes. Lips. #ThatisAll



Lenny Kravitz

Yes Lawd!  I had to put Lenny Kravitz back on the list.  He represents “rock star” to the fullest, and at 50 years old he is the personification of the term “Black don’t crack.”


Idris Elba

No words can describe the deliciousness of Idris Elba.  He will always make the list—for obvious reasons.


Taylor Lautner

Confession…I’ve done my best not to look at him in an inappropriate way for several years now.  Known as Jacob from the Twilight series, I am finally able to add him to the list now that he is 21 and legal!


Jared Leto

Been crushing on Jared since he was a teen heartthrob on “My So-Called Life” with Claire Danes.  What I find most appealing about him is his talent and politics.  Socially conscious men are so attractive.


Morris Chestnut

This man just doesn’t age.  He has women swooning in every role he takes—he can’t help it.


Boris Kodjoe

Boris is fluent in multiple languages.  Tall. Gorgeous. Did I mention gorgeous?


Denzel Washington

Yes, he’s mature…but he has that “je ne sais quoi” that delights women of all ages and backgrounds.  Denzel’s essence is what is so attractive.  His talent is breathtaking and his passion for giving back is unmatched.  Intelligent, gifted, kind and good looking…sounds like the perfect combo to me.

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There you go!  Who are your favs?  Who would be on your list?

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The List (2011 Edition)

We all have our celebrity crushes; I’m just not shy about sharing mine:-).  A few years ago, I started making a yearly “list” of famous gentlemen who tickled my fancy. I figured it was time to unveil this year’s compilation. So, why am I doing this–purely for entertainment. Click here to see my pics from a few years ago, some of my favorites made the list again, lol. 

Here’s the list, in no particular order…

Denzel Washington

Yes, Denzel is almost old enough to be my father…but I’m saying, there needs to be a law against just how much ‘swag” one man can possess. Like a fine wine.

Channing Tatum

Not sure what it is about him.  Classic American looks maybe?  Not sure, but I love to see him, well, do anything on screen. Loved him in the movie Fighting.

Jesse Williams

He’s beautiful.  Those eyes. That’s all. I’m already a Grey’s Anatomy fan, this just sealed the deal.

LL Cool J

Once I figure out where LL’s fountain of youth is located, I’m going there. He’s an intelligent business man, talented and is a dedicated husband and father.  What’s not to like?

Idris Elba

My knees go weak just mentioning the name, looking at a photo or hearing that GORGEOUS accent.  I’m determined to have him DJ one of my events just so I can look at him (yeah, I said it).


I have been infatuated with Common since his first album…and even more attracted after learning some key facts: He’s a Christian, well-educated and a vegan (or strict vegetarian, either way I’ll take it). A man who loves the Lord and eats how I eat, YES!


Matthew McConaughey

A country boy with soul.  Love it.

Lenny Kravitz

He’s the quintessential rock star.  AND the only man who gets a free pass to wear skinny jeans.

 Joe Manganiello

I’ve watched True Blood since the series began, he’s the reason why I continued to watch when he joined the cast. He’s also done some non-profit work and supports the fight against HIV/AIDS.


Tyson Beckford

I have had a crush on Tyson since the first time I saw his photo.  He’s a super model for sure, but there’s also a delicate yet rugged quality about him.  And I also love chocolate skin.

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