Courtship Needs To Make A Comeback


Flowers, candy, cards and love notes have been replaced with text messages, DMs on Twitter, likes on IG  and Facetime chats.  I am in love with technology, but I am not in love with the fact that it is slowly killing courtship.  Most men these days only buy flowers on hallmark holidays and only because it is “expected.”  I must thank my girl Shameika of the MoFo Chronicles blog for bring us today’s topic.  Here’s what she posted on FB earlier today:


I hope courtship isn’t gone forever, it really needs to make a comeback in a major way.  I’m just thankful that the mister understands the importance of romance and still holds my hand in public.  I pity those who don’t know what that is like.  I’d love to hear from the guys.  Do you all still court?  Do like buying your lady “just because” gifts and sending her flowers?  So do you think being romantic is appreciated in this age of technology first, personal interaction second?  Would love to hear thoughts.